Why Should you hire a Business Consultant?

Department for Business research states smaller businesses that take business advice are 15 – 25% more likely to become high growth firms!

I will help your business succeed and be more profitable by offering bespoke consultancy, coaching and non-executive advice.

What can MH Consultancy do for you?

  • Streamlining & implementing procedures to improve business efficiency and turnover
  • Assisting your business to meet 9001 and 14001 auditing standards
  • Identifying leads to increase turnover and gain market share
  • Head hunting individuals to help your business succeed
  • Troubleshooting areas that are preventing your business from growing and reaching its full potential

Hiring a Business Consultant can help you achieve all of the above.

If your business has the need but does not have the time, bandwidth or resources to do it in house then you need me as your Business Consultant so contact me for a no obligation quote.

If you are looking for help, non-executive advice and coaching from a dynamic, highly-experienced business consultant with the ability to interpret and take action on what’s best for your business –  then don’t delay and contact me today.

Benefits of using MH Business Consultancy:

  • You will benefit from my extensive business knowledge and experience.
  • As your business consultant I will find ways for your business to seize growth opportunities and gain that competitive edge.
  • You will gain a business consultant who is resilient; I will keep trying and keep going until we achieve our targets.
  • Using my blueprints and diagnostic tools will help your business to deliver on targets and achieve growth.
  • You will gain a business consultant who is courageous; I will encourage you to look at out of the box solutions and I will inspire others to do more.
  • I would be totally focused on making your business more successful.
  • As your business consultant I will map out a journey to success for your business and lead your team there
  • I will provide an expert, independent service which brings leadership, vision & focus.
  • As your business consultant I can provide bespoke training packages tailored to your business needs so all new starters are given the same opportunity to have an immediate understanding of your core business, your brand and have the blueprint to hit the ground running and start being a productive important employee from day one; therefore increasing business efficiency and ensuring your business does not fall short on profit & potential growth.

Areas covered; London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Sussex and others on request